Renewed Mistrust In Sino-American Relations

Olivier and Mann - Renewed Mistrust In Sino-American Relations
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Olivier and Mann – China’s foreign minister said that his country’s relationship with the U.S. is facing fresh anxieties and added that with a common respect for the basic interests of each side, Sino-U.S. ties will remain strong and added that one individual should not disrupt ties; a veiled reference to the incoming President.

China’s president Xi Jinping congratulated Donald Trump soon after he won the election but Beijing became agitated when Trump spoke on the phone with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. The call was interpreted by China as a possible hint that the U.S. stand on Taiwan may shift, coupled with Trump’s promise to impose levies on Chinese imports.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi mentioned that the phone conversation between Xi Jinping and Trump was a welcome sign for China – U.S. relations and acknowledged the presence of unpredictability as a factor to overcome.

The Chinese foreign minister also emphasised that with the U.S. and China acknowledging and giving due attention to each country’s basic interests and affairs a lasting and solid cooperation would produce positive results for both sides.

Without naming Trump, the Chinese official said that progress historical and will not be manipulated by one individual, adding that China believes that they are already on the right path to bolster Sino – U.S. ties.

Wang mentioned that one of the main considerations for 2017 is the positive transition of affairs between the two superpowers, creating new joint undertakings and being able to harness an even better set of Sino – U.S. ties.

The disputes of China with its Asian neighbours in the South China Sea could likely add to tensions with the upcoming Trump administration.

China recently returned to the U.S. its underwater drone, fished out by the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea, which according to Trump had been stolen by China.

Wang mentioned that defending the country’s sovereignty by diplomatic channels is China’s key objective.