Resignations of Oceania Leaders due to Work-Life Pressures

Olivier and Mann - Resignations of Oceania Leaders due to Work-Life Pressures
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Olivier and Mann

Two of the top political leaders in Oceania have resigned and opted to spend more time with their respective families, however, there could be other reasons why they decided to retire in their prime.

Mike Baird, Australia’s premier for New South Wales resigned from his post on January 19 this year. According to Baird, public life comes with a heavy personal cost, citing his absence while his parents and sister struggle with health problems.

Baird’s resignation came as a surprise as he is a distinguished young politician and was a potential prime minister of Australia.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key at the age of 55 announced his retirement last December and also cited personal reasons. John Key has been one of NZ’s most astute politicians, known for his profound financial management since he started in office 9 years ago.

Their respective local press wondered whether both personalities simply decided to leave politics, as neither have been subjects of scandals. Baird and Key have already expressed their decision to just regain their own private lives and it would be better for them to gain a more balanced work-life harmony.

It is believed that executive recruiters are talking to Baird and Key, as both of them have instituted popular financial programs and increased financial expertise that they have garnered during their banking days. State ministers earn between $170,000 and $260,000 annually, and a prime minister in Australia earns around $380,000. Business executives in Australia can earn 10 times more.

John Key is one of New Zealand’s richest men, he opted to turn over the leadership to a younger group of politicians. He could believe that it is more sensible to prepare a younger generation in the midst of worldwide unpredictability following Donald Trump taking the U.S. presidency and with the wake from Brexit.