Xact Loan Reviews 2023: Scam or Blessing?

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Before you start reading, ask yourself why you are here. Are you looking for Xact Loan Reviews? or looking for a marketplace where you can find reputable lenders?


Key Takeaways

  • Uses a Variable APR
  • No organization fee
  • Fast access to funds


Xact Loan Reviews


No matter why you’re here, you will know what to do after reading this post. In this article, we will discuss Xact Loan Reviews and their important factors. 

Xact Loan Reviews

Xact is an online installment loan that provides higher loan amounts and longer repayment periods in the United States. Customers can get the money they need to consolidate their debt into a single, simple payment with the help of Xact Loan.

Xact is a legit lender that has better loan terms and a simple loan application process.

Xact Loan reviews are good on BBB, Reddit, and TrustPilot. The TrustPilot gives a 4.5 out of 5 star rating to Xact Loans.

$1,000 to $5,000
Not Disclosed
Up to 18 Months

Xact Loan Requirements?

The first and most important requirement is that only U.S. citizens and permanent residents, or green card holders, are eligible to apply for a Xact Loan.

The applicant needs some important documents, which are:

  • You must have an active checking account 
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Proof of income
  • Recent bank statements
  • Driver’s licence

Eligibility criteria for a Xact Loan are:

  • The applicant’s age should be 18 or above
  • Only individual applications are accepted
  • A valid bank account
  • Credit scores accepted up to 850

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Xact Credit Score Requirements

The Xact Loan doesn’t require a minimum credit score. Applicants with a high credit score of 850 are eligible.

But that doesn’t mean that credit scores don’t affect the application process. A good credit score represents the applicant’s trustworthiness. An applicant with a good credit score can get a loan from a reputable lender. You may get a loan with low interest and better terms if you have a good credit score.

Xact Loan Login

Customers need to login to apply for an Xact Loan. If you are a new customer, then you have to create an account on the xact.com website. They require some of your information, and now you’re ready to apply for installment loans. Loan amounts offered by Xact Loans range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Xact Loan Pros & Cons

$0 Payment feeDon’t offer preapproval with a soft credit pull
Loan options with a $0 origination feecharge a late fee
Provide funding in just one dayRepayment is only up to 18 months

Apply for a Xact Loan

The process of applying for an Xact Loan can be difficult, but with the right guidance, it can be a breeze.

Before applying for a loan, you need to gather all the necessary documents, such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, and other important financial information related documents.

When you gather all the documents, it’s time to apply for the Xact Loan. Keep in mind that you should answer every question accurately, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

The credit check is an important step in the application process that will determine your eligibility for a loan. Before making the final decision, compare the different lenders to choose the best loan term and conditions.

If you do the application process with the right preparation, it will definitely make your application journey smooth and worthy.

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Repaying the Xact Loan

Repaying Xact Loan can be a confusing process for unexperienced borrowers. A good borrower is always ready for monthly repayments.

Your monthly repayments depend on your loan amount and duration.

Your first priority should be making your payments on time. You can avoid additional fees and penalties if you pay your payments on time.

Always be aware of your payment history, including future payments. There is nothing worse than missing a payment just because of your ignorance.

The second step is to understand how interest rates impact your loan. A longer repayment duration can decrease your monthly payments, but it may increase your interest rate. In simple words, you will pay more capital if you choose a longer loan repayment duration.

At last, managing your repayment schedule can make a big difference when it comes to repaying the Xact Loan.

Xact Loan Offer

Xact Loan only offers personal loans to its customers.

Xact Loan, BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organisation that rates businesses on their performance and service facilities.

The BBB rating ranges from A+ to F, and Xact Loan Reviews gets a “C” rating from the BBB.

  1. But the Xact Laon platform is not BBB accredited. It means Xact Laon is not certified by the BBB. A BBB certified platform is considered trustworthy. Xact Loan is not certified by the BBB, so that’s a negative point.

Xact Loan Phone Number

Customers can contact Xact Loan via their customer service phone number, which is:

Customer Service: 800-316-4220

Feedback Hotline: 513-878-0298

Xact Loan Customer Service

Customer Service: 800-316-4220

Feedback Hotline: 513-878-0298

PO Box 36454

Cincinnati, OH 45236


Frequently Asked Questions

What credit score do you need for the Xact Loan?

You can easily qualify for a Xact Loan if your credit score is 800 or above. Although they don’t require any minimum credit score, You can qualify for a loan even with bad credit score.

Can you pay an XACT Loan off early?

Yes, you can easily pay off your exact loan early. Paying the loan early can be beneficial because it can save you money on interest rates. They don’t charge any prepayment penalties, which means you don’t need to give additional money to pay off the loan early.

Where is the Xact Loan headquarters?

Xact Loan is an online loan installment platform offered by Capital Community Bank, located in Provo, Utah.

Is Xact a real loan company?

Yes, Xact is a real loan company. Xact Loan is connected with hundreds of reputable lenders that offer loans to borrowers. Xact Loan Reviews on various platforms are positive.


Xact Loan is a legit and reputable company. It has connections with reputable lenders that can offer you a better loan experience.

Xact Laon is a good choice, especially if you’re applying for a loan for the first time and don’t know which platform you should choose.

It’s good for you if you read Xact Loan Reviews on various platforms, such as Google, TrustPilot, BBB, and Yelp. You can read their reviews and try to understand how their experience with Xact Laon went.

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