Coast to Coast Credit Card: All About Offers & Benefits 2023

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Coast from Coast Credit Card: When managing money effectively, credit cards are integral. One card with much acclaim for this purpose is Coast to Coast Credit Card – let’s discover its unique qualities together!

Coast to Coast Credit Card was specially created to offer reward points to travellers – from boaters and campers alike – who frequently travel.

Coast to Coast Credit Card

You’ll earn points back with each purchase from participating brands: Fuel at locations, camping expenses and any necessary camping costs will earn bonus reward points with us!

Good Sam, Gander RV & Outdoors and Overton’s offer rewards cards which give three points back for every $1 spent at private campgrounds across North America, gas stations or wherever visa cards are accepted. Furthermore, an additional reward point can be earned for every $1 paid with Visa Cards wherever accepted.

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What is Coast to Coast Credit Card?

Cost-to-Cost Credit Cards can help you manage your money effectively. They’re great for all expenses – online shopping, travelling, or retail store purchases.

If you want a unique Coast to Coast visa credit card, join the Good Sam Rewards program. While shopping in specific categories, points will be credited if the appropriate merchant code is utilized. If that category qualifies for promotions and you meet eligibility requirements, the reward will come your way!

Every retailer has an offer code assigned by an outside party to indicate their area of operation. Yet, Comenity Capital Bank needs to possess the authority to regulate them.

Comenity Capital Bank manages all reward programs, with products changing frequently. To view full terms and conditions for these rewards programs, visit

Coast to Coast Visa Credit Card Benefits

  • No Annual Fee
  • Auto Pay Capacity
  • 30 Extended Return Days

Purchases using our brand family cards will get an additional 5% discount!

When you activate a card, the introductory A.P.R. rates will apply during the initial offer period. Once this period has concluded, variable price A.P.R.s will begin being applied to balances; balance transfer A.P.R. is 26.99 percent, while cash advance A.P.R. is 25.99 percent.

If you plan to transfer the remaining balance, the cost per five percent transfer is $10; cash advance fees over $10 or five percent of the advance amount are also applicable; when performing foreign transactions using Coast to Coast credit cards, a fixed percentage fee (3%) will be applied and charged when purchasing U.S. dollars; additionally, there is a minimum interest rate fee per plan of $2 when paying your rates of interest due.

Coast to Coast Visa Credit Card Benefits

Reward Points of Coast to Coast Credit Card

Every $1 you spend at certain gas stations and private compounds will earn 6 points, while two are awarded in other categories where Visa can be used. Unfortunately, this offer is not open to members of Coast to Coast Credit Card’s Good Sam Rewards; there’s a maximum point total that you may earn of 2000 reward points.

Good Sam Coast to Coast Credit Card

Good Sam Rewards Visa Credit Card purchases at Coast to Coast properties will qualify for no-cost introductory A.P.R. for six months; after that period expires, an A.P.R. ranging from 24.99 percent to 13.99 percent will apply.

Take Advantage of Double Points

For every non-Coast to Coast purchase made within 90 days, you will be awarded 2,200 points worth $25.00.

How Reward Points Can Benefit!

With redemptions beginning at 1500 points, here are some rewards available from Reward Points:

1,500 Points = $ 10 in Retail or Restaurant Gift Cards and Gas Cards, Plus More!

Earn 2,000 Points: Receive a $15 Camping World/Gander RV & Outdoors/Overton’s Gift Card PLUS More Rewards!

6000 Points: Points can be redeemed for Coast to Coast Travel Points and $50 Retail Hotel or Restaurant Gift Cards or camping World/Gander and Outdoors/Overton’s gift cards (only 5,000 points!) Plus More!

10,000 Points: 10,000 Coast to Coast Trip Points, one year Good Sam Standard Roadside Assistance Membership, $100 Retail, Restaurant or Gas Gift Cards and $75 in Statement Credit as rewards!

Plus More You can now turn rewards points into cash back statement credits starting at 5k points!

Make use of your card, and it can help:

Earn 5 Rewards Points: per dollar spent on membership renewals, Coast Trip Point purchases and purchases made at Camping World or Gander RV & Outdoors!

Earn 3 Rewards Points: For every $1 you spend at Private Campsites and Gas Stations operated by Coast Resorts and Good Neighbor Parks across North America.

Earn one Reward Point: Visa is accepted when spending $1 elsewhere.

Coast to Coast Credit Card Offers

Comenity Capital Bank typically issues nationwide Credit Card Accounts under their license by Visa U.S.A. Inc, who in turn are licensed by Visa International Services – meaning you can safely utilize this credit card account.

How Can I Secure a Coast to Coast Credit Card

If you are interested in applying for a Coast to Coast Credit Card, the best way to use it would be through their official website and following all steps required to get one through them.


The Coast to Coast credit card is an outstanding reward credit card that provides many advantages across travel, online shopping and various other categories – all in one convenient card that suits modern society perfectly.

Remember, any amount you charge on your credit card must be repaid to the Bank and utilized wisely; otherwise, you risk falling into debt. Be sure to refund money spent on purchases as quickly as possible to maintain an excellent credit report.

The bottom line, Coast to Coast credit cards may have been created unwittingly. But, for anyone who travels or shops frequently or requires an account that fits your requirements perfectly, Coast to Coast credit cards could become your new go-to credit card option.

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