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Are You Searching for Reliable Cryptocurrencies to Invest In? The options can be overwhelming; finding something suitable can be difficult. That’s why we created our blog, where we discuss and review all kinds of fascinating cryptocurrencies for readers like yourself!

Today we aim to assist those in need with finding the best offers available on this market by reviewing a newly introduced cryptocurrency called JGEN Token.

JGEN Coin Review

What Is JGEN Coin? 

JGEN Token is a cryptocurrency and financial firm encompassing three primary areas – trading/financial market, lending market, and gambling market.

With this multi-use currency, you can invest in a cryptocurrency that allows for betting online or lending your money – you decide! The goal of the firm is to establish an ecosystem where customers can utilize tokens as currency to conduct transactions and bet.

JGEN ecosystem comprises authentic cryptocurrency online platforms and a JGEN wallet. Here, users can store all their coins. A debit card will also be made available in 2018, typically by June.

How Does JGEN Coin Work?

With the JGEN platform, you can invest and trade, using blockchain technology that ensures all transactions are safe. In addition, tokens can be used to purchase goods or services (or trade them back with other cryptocurrencies if desired) or gamble at its online casino, where gambling and bets can occur.

This company provides 24/7 assistance to its customers and provides lending rates as high as 51% per month; you’ll get your money back within 200-70 days, making this platform ideal for investors seeking significant returns on their investments. For each referral you make, a bonus of 10% will be applied, so spreading the word about this platform would certainly pay dividends!

Advantages Of JGEN

Stay Truly Anonymous

Many countries worldwide prohibit or regulate gambling, with violations often subject to fines or jail terms. Even in free nations like the US, online gambling is banned in many states; due to JGEN’s decentralized blockchain technology, however, neither any country nor the group can control or ban it; its members remain easily identifiable due to no central server and lack of funds deposits into an identifiable wallet account.


In the past, gambling websites were regularly breached, leaving their deposits exposed and funds taken without permission. Credit card numbers and personal data of many players were exposed, causing great anxiety for many of them. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, players can store their funds safely within wallets that protect against any untoward behaviour, such as theft.

Transparency and fairness

Blockchain technology enables random number generators to be generated without anyone being able to control or influence them; all can monitor and regulate it, thus eliminating manipulation or fraud of traditional gambling websites.

Transaction Speed

In the past, many websites would only allow players to withdraw funds if they met a minimum payout amount or the process was extremely slow; some even limited how much could be withdrawn per transaction. With its technological advancements, JGEN will eliminate such issues: payment will arrive in players’ wallets within 2-30 minutes after withdrawing without limits to transaction amount or frequency.

Earn money without taking risks

As a cryptocurrency, JGEN Coin provides an opportunity for all to make money. JGEN allows members to borrow, mine or stake JGEN coins without taking unnecessary risks.

JGEN Token Disadvantages

The primary goal of issuing JGEN tokens is to raise funds to support product development actions. Gaming systems reliant on blockchain technology require top experts in the industry; as such, we’ve recruited skilled and experienced professionals as members of our team. A portion of our budget will also go toward financing marketing and operation expenses.

Initial Coin Offering Stage (ICO Stage)

*First Round*

Totalled 1,400,000 Tokens available

Price: $0.85

These programs run from December 28, 2017, until January 3, 2018.

*Second Round*

Token Supply is 1,400,000.

Price: $1.00

The program starts on January 4, 2018, and continues through January 10, 2018.

*Final Round*

Price: $1.15

The program starts on January 11, 2018, and concludes on January 17, 2018.

How Can I Invest In JGEN Tokens?

To join this company, it will require purchasing their tokens during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), currently taking place right now. There will be four distinct stages with different prices per token.

To maximize token purchases at their highest possible cost, it is imperative that they are acquired as soon as possible. Another method for earning tokens would be mining JGEN Coins; with the right computer, you could use it to produce cryptocurrency and receive tokens as compensation for working with JGEN.

Jgen Coin Specification

Scrypt Algorithm (PoW/PoS)

Coin Abbreivation: JGN

The maximum Coin Supply Available: 28 Million

Coin Base maturities: 50 blocks

Block Spacing: 2 minutes for every PoW block completed

Are You Thinking About Joining JGEN Token?

Yes? Think Again. JGEN Coin provides an exciting platform where individuals can earn cash through gambling or lending activities – making this the ideal solution if this type of activity interests you. In addition, no indication exists of fraud within its business which means your funds can be put safely into it without worry or concerns being raised against you by it.

If you enjoyed this company and would like to invest, investing could be a fantastic opportunity. Not only could you potentially make an excellent return on your money by providing funds to others, but online gambling might also be worth exploring, if there’s nothing suitable already available for playing on.

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