Top 10 Best Altcoins to Invest in 2023 – Which altcoins to buy today? A Complete Guide

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In this article, we will outline here the top 10 altcoins to invest in 2023.

Altcoins, also referred to as alternatives to bitcoin, are digital assets that do not belong to this flagship digital asset class. Over 20,000 altcoins are listed on Coinmarketcap alone – giving investors and traders plenty of choices when selecting digital assets for their portfolios.

Top 10 Best Altcoins to Invest in 2023

This article will present you with the top ten altcoins you should consider investing in now, offering immense potential returns. This year, they range from newly launched coins to longstanding assets with huge market capitalization.

Here are Top 10 Best Altcoins to Invest in 2023

Here is our selection of the top ten altcoins you should invest in now; diversification could help reduce risk. Altcoins may present more significant gains but also come with greater risks attached.

Ethereum: Currently one of the most sought-after altcoins to purchase.

Apecoin: An excellent altcoin investment option.

The Sandbox: An alternative currency option for investing in the metaverse.

Theta: Coin currently ranks amongst the leading altcoins with innovative use cases.

Ftx token: One of the most favored altcoins that offer various uses and benefits. A unique cryptocurrency investment solution for those looking to access financial services directly, without centralization.

Cosmos: Stands out as an interoperability leader within the blockchain space, essential to its continued development and adoption.

Uniswap: An industry-leading dex with an active altcoin community that helps support its ecosystem.

Decentraland: Currently one of the most profitable altcoins and provides access to an expansive virtual real estate universe known as Decentraland.

Solana: One of the more well-known altcoins that could challenge Ethereum’s dominance.

Virtual currencies are highly risky investments that put your capital at great risk.

Review of the Top Altcoins to Invest In 2023.

Given the variety of digital currencies currently circulating, selecting reliable altcoins should be relatively easy. Furthermore, selecting an efficient altcoin exchange with low fees should make your search for suitable altcoins simpler.

Before investing, it is necessary to research the critical metrics of each company, such as goals, past price movements and current market capitalization. This section offers an in-depth examination of which altcoins may present opportunities in 2019.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum has long been one of the most sought-after altcoins available to buy, having long been chosen by decentralized app (dap) developers across the world. Thanks to its innovative contracts capabilities – which remove middlemen in certain transactions for fully decentralized transactions – it has quickly become one of the most sought-after cryptos for purchase right now.

Ethereum currently ranks second-largest by market capitalization and largest altcoin, experiencing an incredible market rally that reached an All-Time Maximum price of $4,840 on December 11, 2021. While investors remain hopeful for further price gains over time, future prospects for Ethereum remain favorable.

Certain analysts predict Ethereum could reach $12,000 by 2025, extending its bull market for four more years in 2021 and beyond. Although experience cannot always predict market outcomes accurately, such long-running bull markets with no major crashes are exceptional!

2Apecoin (ape)

Apecoin stands out as an attractive new altcoin to invest in. Many investors expect Apecoin to become the most widely adopted cryptocurrency by 2023 due to its relationship to the Bored Yacht Club of the Ape (BAYC) NFT collection, an acclaimed NFT that has helped increase APECOIN by over 270% since it first was announced.

Apecoin may become the cryptocurrency of choice due to its high price potential and meme status. Apecoin can be utilized in multiple ways for “the other side,” such as Bayc’s latest project, which could become one of the most sought-after metaverse platforms by 2023.

Ape is widely utilized in blockchain-based games like Benji Bananas. Apecoin was designed as a Dao so its owners have complete control of any governance decisions; even as its price has declined recently, it remains one of the most sought-after altcoins this year.

3. Sandbox

In 2023, Sandbox will become one of the most desirable altcoins to purchase: an international community where players from different backgrounds can explore virtual reality simulation together.

At Sandbox Metaverse, players can create and personalize their characters before using them to play games and earn points. Once specific tasks have been accomplished, players will earn the in-game currency known as Sand. Furthermore, Sandbox serves as a home for various Non-Financial Transactions (NFTs).

Sandbox allows users to leverage tokens as currency to acquire land, build homes on these plots, and then sell any excess NFT to the public marketplace. One user recently listed 100 virtual islands worth the cryptocurrency equivalent of $4.2 Million on Sandbox!

Since Sand’s introduction into the market, its exponential growth has been truly astonishing. According to Coinmarketcap’s data, initial sales began in mid-2021 at $0.05 before reaching their all-time peak price of $8.40 in November 2021.

Sand has experienced an astonishing return of 16000% within just one year – this feat is particularly impressive considering other altcoins have experienced steep price decreases over this timeframe. At present, Sand tokens can now be purchased for under $3 per token – something no other coin offers!

4. Theta (theta)

Did you know that Theta is one of the least-valued altcoins with one of the largest utility cases for 2023?

People familiar with cryptocurrency might have heard of Theta, which debuted last year and quickly became one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies due to its mission: decentralizing video streaming services like YouTube instead of centralizing them (as in YouTube).

Content creators will be paid using Tfuel, one of the native tokens of this network. Tfuel may also be used for stakes or exchanged for Tfuel tokens. Furthermore, Theta has received investment from major firms like Samsung and Sony, making it one of the most sought-after crypto altcoins listed here.

5. Ftx Token (ftt)

One altcoin that should be included in your portfolio is Ftx token, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges offering over 300 different cryptocurrencies for trading. Furthermore, unlike other exchanges, Ftx also features its own coin, known as the “Ftx token,” intended to enhance user experiences.

Ftx tokens are widely-held altcoins used as collateral on Futures Trading Exchange transactions and reduce trading costs and stakes.

Individuals looking to invest speculatively in cryptocurrency may also purchase FtT as it gives an indication of its growth on the Ftx platform. From November 2020 until September 2021, its value increased 2,290%; reaching an all-time maximum value of $85, which currently remains below its current level; showing potential for another surge. is an outstanding altcoin to invest in decentralized financial services, such as lending. Their unique business strategy of connecting investors and borrowers directly without third-party intermediaries through automated smart contracts for crypto loans offered by makes us huge fans!

Borrowers must pledge collateral in the form of digital tokens to secure loans. Once complete, smart contracts allow borrowers to withdraw the amount borrowed at a pre-set date with interest payable accordingly.

Investors play an essential part in this process as well. By depositing money into the ecosystem and using it to enable loans, investors receive a dividend payment that takes into account factors like currency and loan terms.

If you find the project is impressive; purchasing it easily from the comfort of your own home should not be difficult, even though it ranks among the more costly altcoins in 2021, reaching over 90,000 dollars making it more significant than Bitcoin with respect to tokens. provides investors with an investment option as low as $10 through Etoro, yet their performance has far outshone this initial price of less than $1,000, according to Coinmarketcap in 2020. As we move into 2023, their altcoin has steadily appreciated and now trades at just under $19,000 – meaning since its first launch back in 2000 it has experienced 18000% growth!

7. Cosmos

Interoperability refers to two or more computers being able to effectively interact, while in cryptocurrency, it refers to issues surrounding various blockchain networks exchanging data with one another.

These challenges have been effectively overcome through the creation of Cosmos and its Atom token. Simply put, the Cosmos provides Cardano, bitcoin or eos/Ripple with the technology needed to collect and share data between platforms – thus enabling intelligent contracts in Ethereum to make decisions based on transactions on these networks.

Atom is essential to enable other blockchains to benefit from this revolutionary technology, making it one of the most successful altcoins since its debut. According to, its price was only $7.50 upon its introduction; by early 2022, however, each token had skyrocketed to over $43!

Cosmos exploded by over 480% in just three years! Since its initial surge, its native token atom has gradually decreased relative to other altcoins on the market, and now you can purchase cosmos altcoin for less than $30 per token.

8. Uniswap

Our list of recommended altcoins to invest in for 2023 features uniswap, founded in 2018 as one of the first decentralized trading exchanges allowing customers to buy and sell altcoins without using an exchange that is centralized.

Uniswap makes its unique trading environments possible through several key components. Chief among these is its unique structure which doesn’t rely on bid/ask books to establish secure trading environments with sufficient liquidity but instead utilizes an amm model (automated market maker’s model).

Simply stated, the AM Model sets altcoin prices by taking into account factors like volume, demand and market capitalization. When combined with decentralized trading services like UniSwap or this one, this model gives you the potential to profit from altcoins you hold that are currently idle and generate an income.

Giving uniswap amm liquidity will result in interest for your account while investing in its wider community through purchasing uni token – one of the most sought-after altcoins available today – offers even greater returns.

Coinmarketcap reported that by the end of 2020, the uniswap token was valued at less than $7. After several volatile months, however, its value began a steady increase that eventually reached just shy of $44 at one point in mid-2021 – representing gains of over 500%!

9. Decentraland

Are you fascinated with the future development of Metaverse Coins and enjoy playing around in virtual sandboxes? Decentraland is one of the premier altcoins to purchase in 2023 for this market if this piques your interest.

Decentraland was initially created in 2017 and since then has become immensely popular, drawing thousands of users daily and witnessing real estate transactions within its ecosystem. Transaction volumes continue to expand steadily.

Decentraland offers people of all budgets an accessible platform where they can purchase parcels of land to use in building real estate development projects that can later be listed for sale on its NFT marketplace. In 2021 alone, one region known as Fashion Street Estate sold for $2.4 Million through Decentraland’s NFT marketplace!

Every transaction in Decentraland’s ecosystem utilizes mana, its native altcoin. Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that mana has performed exceptionally well since it was introduced in late 2017, according to Coinmarketcap data; initially, the cost per coin would have been $0.025 when first offered for purchase.

At its peak in late 2021s with larger metaverse mana prices of $5.90, investors in this project could have seen returns exceeding 23,000% on any purchase made after November 2017. A single investment of $500 could lead to an investment of over $115,000.

10. Solana

Solana and several altcoins have often been described as Ethereum killers by market analysts, meaning many speculate it could one day overtake Ethereum as the top blockchain-based smart contract platform. But is investing in Solana wise? Perhaps one factor for consideration may be its superior speed, capacity and fee profile relative to that of Ethereum’s blockchain platform.

Solana currently supports over 65,000 transactions every second, while Ethereum can handle only 16 transactions on average per second. Furthermore, you may have heard about issues regarding Ethereum’s high costs and transaction fees.

At its core, blockchain transactions operate at the same rate regardless of their size; currently, the average transaction stands at four dollars as of this writing. As such, Ethereum’s blockchain isn’t suitable for microtransactions essential in smart contract applications; by contrast, Solana permits transactions to complete within one-tenth of a cent, making it one of the greenest cryptocurrencies on offer today.

Solana blockchain’s capabilities have led to its own altcoin – Sol – becoming one of the top 10 cryptocurrency projects based on market capitalization. When looking at the price performance of Sol’s coinmarketcap account in early 2020, its price was only $0.78!

Since that time, Solana has seen incredible gains of over 33,000% within just two years! Today in 2023, its price has decreased drastically to around $80-$80, so now would be an ideal time to begin trading it – Solana remains among the most widely held cryptocurrencies, so investing in Solana now may prove profitable!

What Are Altcoins?

Altcoin is an abbreviation used to refer to alternative currencies to bitcoin, such as any of the over 18000+ digital tokens listed on Coinmarketcap and not shared by both currencies.

That means you have access to an abundance of altcoins for diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio. However, be mindful that altcoins vary considerably when it comes to goals, roadmaps, market capitalization and past performance, so be mindful when making this decision.

At the end of the day, selecting altcoins that are worth investing in can be challenging. While some, such as Shiba Inu and Airbnb, have seen significant returns since launch, others, such as Verge, have experienced massive drops – often over 95%! Before making your final decision regarding which coins to invest in in 2023, it’s crucial that extensive research be conducted before making a final decision.

Are alternative currencies an attractive investment opportunity?

If you’re deciding between investing in altcoins and bitcoin, this article may help. Here, we will outline some major reasons for considering investing in various altcoins today.

Numerous altcoins have generated impressive returns

One of the primary motivations for purchasing various altcoins is their proven track record in producing life-altering returns.

As part of our overview of the most promising altcoins for 2023, we provided several examples. But if we want to go deeper, more details must be included here.

  • At its launch in late 2017, one token only held a value of $0.11.
  • At this writing, the company had reached 52-week highs of $690.
  • Profits exceeding 690,000 cents are equivalent to endpoint investments of $1,000; therefore, your overall investment would total $6.9 Million at its highest point.
  • Decentraland and its mana token have experienced exponential growth of 23000%.
  • So a $1,000 investment would have returned over $230,000!

However, as was already outlined above, not all altcoins will perform similarly to Decentraland or Airbnb; therefore, it’s essential that you set realistic expectations before investing.

Bitcoin leads all altcoins in terms of market capitalization

Since their introduction, many altcoins, like Bitcoin, have seen tremendous returns since being launched. When first released in 2009, bitcoin’s value stood at an insignificant $0.01 per token – yet over $68,000 have increased! That represents an exponential gain.

But now that Bitcoin has grown into a multi-trillion-dollar asset class, its growth potential may soon become limited. Comparing its performance against that of altcoins like Ethereum shows it may no longer be so alluring.

Since the publication of this article a year ago, bitcoin prices have fallen more than 22%. In comparison, Ethereum prices have seen substantial increases of around 50% – representing gains for each cryptocurrency of 3,600% and 7,000%, respectively.

If your primary aim is high-performing cryptocurrency investments, altcoins might be better tailored to your risk profile than bitcoin.

Diversifying is Easy

One key advantage of including top altcoins in your portfolio is their ease of diversification and reduced risk. Many investors and traders follow this guideline when starting cryptocurrency trading.

Of course, cryptocurrency markets tend to move in tandem; when Bitcoin does well, so do other altcoins – though some altcoins may have had greater success than others.

By diversifying your portfolio with various tokens, the likelihood of finding profitable altcoins increases substantially.

Online brokers provide an accessible investment option by meeting minimal investment requirements while supporting multiple markets.

Etoro, an SEC-regulated broker, offers access to many top altcoins for just $10 per token trade.

Many altcoins are also relatively affordable

Bitcoin or Ethereum does not interest investors who prioritize their funds as both of these tokens trade for large sums of money.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have each reached record highs of approximately $58,000-$68,000. Therefore, investing only a modest sum may only allow for purchasing fractions of tokens.

As part of our research on the best altcoin investments for 2023, we identified several noteworthy projects with minimal entry costs of only $0.01.

  • As was noted above, investing just $100 will enable you to obtain roughly five million tokens through Shiba Inu.
  • Imagine investing $100 into basic attention tokens; at present, this would yield over 800 tokens!

While altcoin prices don’t determine their actual intrinsic value alone, investors could gain from investing in projects that allow them to hold onto more tokens instead of only a small percentage.

Huge Upside Potential

Experienced traders will seek out altcoins with massive upside potential on the market; often, these altcoins’ growth potential is immense – as witnessed by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu’s incredible rise since 2021.

So when looking at the first hundred projects by market capitalization, you will encounter hundreds of altcoins valued between $10 million and $20 million, many with potential upside that exceeds that of large-cap projects.

When investing in altcoins with a lower market valuation, their volatility can increase due to market depth principles; assets with less capitalization are more easily traded on the market and, thus, can become more volatile over time.

Innovative developments outside the financial transactions space

Altcoins deserve recognition for their innovative ideas for the cryptocurrency industry instead of Bitcoin, which may only support global payments.

There are several top altcoins we’ve come across that stand out, and their most acclaimed projects provide the following:

  • Decentraland and Sandbox offer virtual 3D worlds that enable users to purchase large parcels of land and property before selling it off through non-financial assets (NFAs) on the market.
  • Cosmos is taking steps to address interoperability between blockchains.
  • Solana seeks to rival Ethereum’s dominance in smart contract technology by offering fast and secure transactions.

These examples demonstrate why investing in altcoins with unique characteristics can pay off well. When investing outside of mainstream standards, chances are good that tokens will perform well and prove profitable.

Where can you purchase altcoins?

Before opening an account with any broker or exchange, when selecting the ideal location to buy altcoins for your portfolio, we advise taking note of several metrics:

  • Are the platform’s credentials approved by an established licensing body such as the SEC or FCA?
  • Which cryptocurrencies does the platform provide access to?
  • How much are the fees and commissions when purchasing altcoins?
  • What is the status of the platform in terms of customer support and payment methods supported?
  • What is the minimum sum required to purchase altcoins on an exchange?

By considering all these metrics, we have concluded that Etoro is the optimal platform to buy altcoins in 2023. Below we discuss this more in-depth.

Etoro will become the go-to platform for purchasing alternative coins by 2023

Etoro is our go-to cryptocurrency platform of choice for investors of varying skill levels, taking only minutes for KYC verification and onboarding quickly with investors. Regulatory oversight comes from various organizations – Sec, Asic FCA and Cysec. Among them are three such bodies overseeing Etoro’s regulation.

Customers can make deposits using any currency – domestic and international bank wires are compatible, along with PayPal e-wallets like the popular wallet service as well as debit and credit cards – without incurring any fees whatsoever.

Etoro provides first-time US customers with everything they need to start trading crypto assets with just $10 in deposits! They support numerous major crypto assets, such as Dogecoin for 1% added to its bid-ask spread – something no other brokerage offers; Yearn Finance Uniswap Tron Sandbox Decentraland Bnb and Compound Coin are also all accessible using Etoro with just this minimum stake!

Etoro offers savings when purchasing altcoins through their website by forgoing commission-based trading; only the spread needs to be paid, starting from 0.75% for bitcoin trading and increasing with altcoin trading. Their professional portfolio management tools are particularly convenient – you could invest in Ethereum at competitive costs with Etoro!

Etoro offers an investment product designed to make investing easy for investors with limited time or technical analysis knowledge, copy trading tools, and customer support via live chat to provide an enjoyable investing experience.

Etoro stands out as an innovative cryptocurrency app with risk-free portfolios for both new and returning customers, boasting an initial deposit of $100,000, allowing traders to trade altcoins without taking on unnecessary risk. Once you join Etoro, you should download their iOS/Android apps for easy trading on both smartphones.

Are you just getting started investing in altcoins – safe crypto alternatives similar to bitcoin – but want to do it securely? If this is the case for you, assistance may be required in finding ways to complete this investment process with altcoins successfully.

How can you invest in altcoins now?

Etoro offers access to most of the altcoins we’ve discussed here for as little as $10 per trade – an investing process that takes less than five minutes from start to finish! Here is all you’ll need to know before getting started on Etoro:

  • Step 1: One: Register an Etoro account by clicking “Join Now” and filling out the registration form that appears in your browser.
  • Step 2: Fund Deposit. Select your payment method of choice – debit/credit card bank online electronic wallets) and specify how much money you would like to deposit (starting from $10).
  • Step 3: Discover Altcoins: Click ‘Discover. Then under Crypto, choose which altcoin you would like to purchase.
  • Step 4: Acquire Altcoin: To purchase altcoin, click ‘trade’ next to your chosen cryptocurrency and an order box will open with an order form for $10 staked upfront – once complete, click “open trade” to confirm.

Here are the top altcoins available today that you should purchase

Altcoins offer attractive returns from your cryptocurrency investments – particularly since you likely missed out on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has already reached a $1 trillion market capitalization and may experience lower returns compared to altcoins with smaller market caps.

Ethereum and Solana may provide two valuable altcoin options as part of your efforts to diversify your portfolio in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which altcoins to buy in 2023?

Ether (ETH)
Tether (USDT)
Solana (SOL)
Cardano (ADA)
Dogecoin (DOGE)

Which altcoin will explode in 2023?

XRP20 combines low costs and deflation with an earn-to-stake strategy to become an attractive cryptocurrency option in 2023, taking advantage of Ripple’s prominence on the news cycle as an ongoing project.

What are the top 3 altcoins in 2023?

Caged Beasts, Shiba Inu and Uniswap remain the top three altcoins to watch in 2023. Rates for Bitcoin and altcoins have generally plateaued, suggesting an upward trend in the cryptocurrency market.

Which coin will boom in 2023?

Chancer (CHANCER)
Shiba Memu (SHMU)
AltSignals (ASI)
Metacade (MCADE)
Ripple (XRP)
Shiba Inu (SHIB)
Polygon (MATIC)
The Sandbox (SAND)

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